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  • Ward did a great job on the project and working with the other trades. I couldn't have asked for things to go smoother. On time and below budget, great work!
    Adam Garten-ZutterHomeowner
  • We started up Smallcrete in about 2012 and we started using Concrete Genius, I guess, the start of this season (2017). So far, it’s been great. Honestly, they’ve been very accommodating. It’s easy to schedule pours, move pours, as necessary. We’ve poured everything from a 40 slump on the inside of a living room floor last week to typically outside on a hot day, we’ll pour something like a 100 slump. But, finishers love it (Omni-Mixing Technology) because you can adjust the slump: in one wheelbarrow load if it’s a little bit wet or a little bit dry for their preference it’s no problem. It’s carefully calculated, so they’re pretty happy with that. So, whatever they like to work with. The finishers are a picky bunch, so they’ve been happy with the adaptability of it, for sure. I expect to continue building this relationship, for sure. We get a good rate and one of the things that we love is as a smaller company that does some smaller work and some patch jobs is there’s no delivery fee... So, anything above a load, 50 or 75 square feet, we’re saving a ton of money.
    Dan McDonaldSmallcrete
  • It's a good product, you can adjust it any way you want it... if you want it stiffer you can back off the water, it's good. Always enjoy working with these trucks!
    Marcel WattelNorth Land Concrete Pumping Ltd.
  • From now on, every pool we pour, we will insist you supply the concrete
    DwayneOwner, Grizzly Concrete
  • I love the product it doesn’t expire you can let it sit, it always going to be there for you. The customer service here is awesome, anytime you need them, whatever you need, all the drivers are good, and all the staff is friendly, excellent product... I wish I could take them everywhere!
    DougMidwest Caisons
  • We did a 220 cubic meter pour, came in at about 220.5 or 222.5 so in my world thats a good day, we hit our numbers. Without interruption! We started at about 9:30am and finished at about 2:30pm so we hit the mark with our finisher so they're happy. All in all the project as far as I'm concerned is a success. Muchly Appreciated. I'll always call [Concrete Genius] for sure!
    AaronCAP Construction
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    Dan Veenstra - Hi there, I was asked to do a testimonial on the pour we did in Thorhild at the waste services maintenance building. The slab was between 10 and 12 inches thick. It required about 220m of concrete and I was hoping to pour at about 50m per hour. Winter pouring is always a high stress situation since we are dealing with warm material but this pour was a breeze thanks to the capable people at CONCRETE GENIUS™.

    I’ve used them on a few big pours in the past and they’ve outdone the ready mix outfits every time. But this pour was amazing. We got our volume we wanted with absolutely no waiting around.

    The pump output was reading 65 per hour for a majority of the pour and they never missed a beat. We had one little plug that held us up for about 5 mins and that was it. Including our 15 mins we stopped for lunch and a few stops to take out pump pipe we finished the pour in 5 hours.

    Slump variation on that much concrete is inevitable but with the Omni-Mixing system these guys have it’s easy to dry it up or add water on the go and within minutes we are back to the desired slump, no stopping.

    The temperature consistently is incredibly important to us and they nailed it. We almost never get through a big pour without a couple hot loads and a cold one or two as well. Usually a cold one is at the end due to a small balance we have to wait for and the hot ones seem to end up in the middle of the slab where it’s hard to get to. I never noticed a variance in temperature in any of it.

    Not having concrete on the road; especially warm concrete; is a huge load of my shoulders. And not over ordering or being short and ordering a balance is another stress I don’t have with Concrete Genius.

    The entire outfit in my opinion is well run and the care and attention to detail is evident in every part of what they do. If they do mess up, they stand behind it but it’s rare that they have to do that.

    Another thing I really appreciate about Concrete Genius is that they are always looking to improve their system and equipment to provide a better service. They seem to spare no expense to bring in something new to stay ahead of the game or simply be better than the next guy at their service.

    They have a great crew and everyone seems to be in the game and their attitude is absolutely second to none. Most outfits have a few good guys but there’s usually a few with a bad attitude or aptitude as well. But not with Concrete Genius.

    I will not be pouring a high volume pour with anyone other than Concrete Genius if I can help it. Especially if the other option requires any kind of travel with the Ready Mix. There is just too much stress taken out of the equation with the Concrete Genius option.

    The concrete itself is well, concrete. It’s mixed well and very consistent. It takes a bit to set initially but that gives us a nice chance to pour without things getting to hectic with pouring and setting happening at the same time. Once it starts to set it goes nice and never seems to be any later than anyone else. And it is ready to cut the next day without risk of chipping. I’ve not had any issues to date with cracking or spalling or blistering.

    Another advantage to Concrete Genius over Ready Mix is that there are no lumps. And no precast in the mix. Winter is especially bad for precast with the drums temperature varying drastically from full to empty and all the concrete on the fins breaks off and can cause a huge mess at the pump. Not so with Concrete Genius.

    With Concrete Genius we can pour at a lower water cement ratio. With the slump loss that is involved due to the fact that the cement is still absorbing water after it is poured, we can pour at a 125 slump and it tests at about an 80 to 90. Today we poured a 12″ thick 12 foot wide pass that was 80 feet long and doubled back each time and by the time we got back there was a slight set in the concrete but was by no means a cold joint.

    Concrete Genius always seems to have at least one if not two quality control guys on site for any bigger pour. They are engaged and keeping things running smooth at all times. When I’m pouring with Concrete Genius I worry about one thing, my job and that’s it. Today I put my phone in my lunch kit and just focused on the pouring going on inside the building. No texting the batch plant or waiting on hold while a crew and pump operator look at me waiting to get moving again, no measuring up, no stressing about where the next load is, no hot spots or noticing how many trucks are stacking up on site. No cold joints or dropping my placing guys to help finish wild setting old concrete. No plugging every 10 mins or having the hopper run dry because of all the lumps and precast on the grate. Just pour as fast as I can go.

    I couldn’t be happier, playing in the mud with half the stress I usually have.

    Thanks Concrete Genius, you really knocked it out of the park again.

Here's A Handful Of Our Customers...

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