We need to be completely honest with you about something up front…

Although we would like to take all the credit, and believe me we would like to take all the credit… the real genius is the Omni-Mixer.


that’s not taking anything away from our franchisees and operators – they put in their time and become experts themselves…

But the real genius is our proprietary concrete mixer, the Omni-Mixer.

You can be the best contractor in the world but if you’re still using a rock to knock in your nails you’re going to be limited to what you can accomplish.

Imagine the first contractor to be given a hammer… can you imagine the elation that swept over him when he used it for the first time? He was starting to be given the tools to succeed (both figuratively and literally).

Now when it comes to concrete you still need the tools to succeed. You are judged on the appearance of your finished concrete. And if you are given expiring concrete to work with you have to be absolutely perfect!!

And listen…

We aren’t oblivious to the fact that even if the finisher is given expiring concrete the majority of the time it will be deemed the finishers fault for any flaws because if they had done everything perfect it would have still been ok…

And it could be said if you hit every nail perfectly with a rock you could finish a house and make it look and test well too.

But if I give you a cordless drill you’ll put a lot less $ in the swear jar and you won’t need to be 100% perfect to achieve the same result.

So as you can probably agree, being given the tools to succeed is essential to your success and happiness.

And when it comes to getting concrete from a concrete mixer, the Omni-Mixer sets you up to succeed by providing you fresh concrete with little standard deviation in slump, temperature, consistency, and quality.

As Dan from Wildman concrete said after experiencing the difference in our concrete mixer for himself, “Today I put my phone in my lunch kit and just focused on the pouring going on inside the building. No texting the batch plant or waiting on hold while a crew and pump operator look at me waiting to get moving again, no measuring up, no stressing about where the next load is, no hot spots or noticing how many trucks are stacking up on site. No cold joints or dropping my placing guys to help finish wild setting old concrete. No plugging every 10 mins or having the hopper run dry because of all the lumps and precast on the grate. Just pour as fast as I can go.”

And that’s a testament to our crews but also largely our Omni-Mixers.

The one-of-a-kind concrete mixer, the Omni-Mixer, combines the best attributes of traditional drum style mixing and volumetric mixing to take the best qualities of both and leave out the flaws. The Omni-Mixer can mix continuously like volumetric mixers but they do not batch based on volume, which eliminates the inconsistencies that plague the volumetric mixing world. They batch by weight just like drum-mixers but they can be mixed fresh right on site which eliminates expiring concrete, pre-cast, dough balls, and many of the other flaws of drum-mixing.

Then add that our proprietary automation system measures each load of concrete more than 200,000 times as it’s being produced on site (drum mixers measure a load 7 times at the batch plant while it’s batched) and you can be positive that you’re getting exactly what you asked for and need to be successful.

While we from a human standpoint may not be perfect all the time (heck nobody is, I’m sure you aren’t) because of our Omni-Mixer we have the ability to change on the fly and adjust to exactly meet your specifications (even if they change last minute), which allows you the best chance of getting the exact concrete you need to succeed without all the headaches of waiting for concrete to dry, be retempered with water, or return from the batch plant.

Fresh, consistent, high quality concrete sets you up to succeed. You shouldn’t settle for less and stress over being forced to do everything absolutely perfect in order to not be blamed for poor concrete.

Which is why finishers like Dan are saying, “I will not be pouring a high volume pour with anyone other than Concrete Genius™ if I can help it. Especially if the other option requires any kind of travel with the ready mix. There is just too much stress taken out of the equation with the Concrete Genius™ option.”