It's easy to see why the concrete production industry is enticing to entrepreneurs. In part because concrete is the single most widely used material in the world, with over 10 billion tonnes annually produced in almost every country in the world; and the fact that the cement and concrete industry contributes an estimated $73 Billion to the Canadian economy annually in terms of direct, indirect or induced impact... the potential by carving out even a fraction of the industry is extremely alluring.

But the task at hand is often greatly underestimated.

When starting out or growing a concrete business often naive decisions are made and equipment is purchased that “can” do the job, is less costly, and is thought to be the best option.

However, when the real world risk-reward matrix is applied and the real cost of unsuccessful concrete or uneconomical concrete (over-designing) is calculated into that matrix one realizes more value in the production equipment for concrete. But it takes understanding these towering risks to truly see this value.

Anything less than producing concrete that exactly meets the projects demands is a failure.


And over the last 20 years the volumetric mixer industry has failed because entrepreneurs are unable to succeed given the level of training required and/or the lack of good production equipment available. It is very possible to make "good" concrete with a very good operator for non-technical concrete with a volumetric mixer. But, to do so for extended periods or grow a team of any scale becomes difficult and to ensure the desired consistency over a long project is……. achievable.

No one today would even consider building concrete in a batch plant without an automation system... but using a volumetric mixer to build concrete without an automation system is considered acceptable.  You can succeed in both cases - but your potential for failure really increases as the level of automation decreases.

What most volumetric mixer operators are forced to do is increase the margin of error to compensate for the changes in consistency with older or inferior equipment. This pads the results and ultimately does give the perception of success. Yet we cannot simply mark a success when we have met the air, slump and flow requirements in the plastic state, and mark a success when the compression strength meets contract but simply ignore the real water/cement ratios, durability, shrinkage, and permeability that can only be achieved with accuracy and consistency.

Concrete Genius®'s Omni-Mixer improves the consistency and mixing for what we have proven is the most accurate and consistent concrete production available.

Here's why:

The Omni-Mixer uses Omni-Mixing Technology™, which eliminates the inconsistencies plaguing the mobile mixing industry by proportioning continually using a live measurement instead of batching by volume. Proportioning for the cement, for the rock, for sand, admixtures, and water producing concrete based on mass in a continuous and controlled process. Taking more than 7 measurements every tenth of a second while delivering fresh concrete at speeds up to 70+m3 per hour.

Allowing you to succeed, like others using our technology, on a vast range of projects such as:

  • Public schools and multiplex pools
  • Airport runways and deicing pads,
  • Strutural and flatwork for oil sands facilities
  • Concrete supply under Alberta Transportations Bridge Specifications
  • Public roads
  • And many medium and large sized commercial and industrial facilities
  • All with 100% performance


  • 1000m3 over 3 days with + or - 0.5 MPa per day and a variation of 1 MPa from day 1 to day 3
  • Testing 5 different trucks with variations in slump as requested delivering nearly 50m3 / hr average.


Your objective is to succeed.

Our objective is to set you up for success.

It takes a team of dedicated personnel to manage quality - whether it be 1 m3 or 10000 m3 it takes the same dedication. 10000m3 just means doing over again everything right 10000 times.

It takes years of experience and thousands of hours studying to become an expert in this industry. Many on our team have dedicated a decade or more to this task.

And if that wasn't challenging enough... since the "big boys" control much of the supply of concrete materials it can be a massive undertaking to try to source the right materials at an economical price.

In fact, in some cases we have seen it take up to 14 MONTHS to source aggregates, source cement powder, source chemicals, and build mix designs around them in order to consistently produce high quality concrete at an economical price (if you are even able to)!

We are a solutions company, offering you solutions for success - with success being high quality concrete. As part of our family we can support you to access proven materials, provide technical knowledge to help you test your local materials, build mix designs for your materials and projects, etc. Allowing you to leverage our teams expertise to grow your business faster and with complete confidence. The same team that's been flown all over the world including across Europe, Africa, North America, and Central America to help hundreds of concrete producers produce higher quality concrete more consistently.


  • 12” thick low-slump concrete
  • Required 9 different ingredients to meet architectural requirements
  • Awarded project because of quality of work on public school
  • From now on, every pool we pour, we will insist you supply the concrete
    Dwayne Owner, Grizzly Concrete


Concrete Genius is proud to have been trusted by many of the top companies around the globe. You can leverage the trust built with many of these companies for your own business by being a part of the Concrete Genius family. Here's a few of our customers we've worked hard to earn the trust of...

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