Fresh Concrete Poured Uninterrupted On-Site From One Single Truck

Our OMNI-MIXING TECHNOLOGY™ blows away concrete contractors on this project for Waste Management® because it pours 222.5 m3 of fresh concrete in just 5 hours with almost no interruptions – essentially just a quick 15 minute lunch for the former’s and time to take in hoses.

As you may already know, this new concrete mixing technology is the only type of technology currently capable of providing fresh concrete on-site uninterrupted for a project of this size… All while staying on budget with zero waste.

It’s easy to see the environmental benefits as well when you factor in this project would have taken roughly 37 Drum trucks commuting back and forth from their batch plant to supply the required amount of concrete. Then they would have had 10% waste at the end, plus 50 times the wash water to wash out PER TRUCK… WE DID THIS PROJECT WITH 1 SINGLE TRUCK… NO COMMUTING, ONLY ONE WASHOUT… the math is simple – Omni-Mixing Technology is helping save the planet and your bank account.

But it’s not just for the big projects… this technology allows for us to not only do massive projects but also pour you a specific type of concrete right down to a shovel full in size and adjust to exactly what you want on the fly. Currently, no other technology can do this.

As a result, Omni-Mixing Technology is forever changing the game. Check out the video for footage from the pour.

Concrete Genius™ truly is Concrete Of The Future, For The Future.