Your Chance To Finally Outgun The 'Big Boys' Of Concrete Production...

With Opportunities To Own Your Own Concrete Production Business Almost Anywhere In The World

The concrete industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, concrete is the single most widely used material in the world. With over 10 billion tons annually produced in almost every country in the world.

Even more exciting is the fact that the cement and concrete industry contributes an estimated $73 Billion to the Canadian economy annually in terms of direct, indirect or induced impact.

So I think you can agree the concrete industry and it’s impact here in Canada, as well as around the globe, is HUGE.

But the industry itself is also dominated by a few mega-companies who control much of the market share, as well as a large portion of the supply chain...

As such, starting a concrete business can be a very risky and daunting task to take on by yourself.

If that wasn't bad enough, since the big boys control much of the supply of concrete materials it can be a massive undertaking to try to source the right materials at an economical price.

In fact, in some cases we have seen it take up to 14 MONTHS to source aggregates, source cement powder, source chemicals, and build mix designs around them in order to consistently produce high quality concrete at an economical price!!!

Fortunately, you don't have to risk it all by going in alone.

And you don't have to worry about sourcing materials and building your own mix designs.


After developing a new and different way to produce concrete, and after 7 years of proving the model by starting and operating multiple successful concrete production businesses right here in Canada, Concrete Genius™ franchised to allow you the ability to use the revolutionary new Omni-Mixing Technology™ with the proven business and technical models achieving unmatched success rates of 100% for 8 consecutive years on all third party and internal testing.

Not Your Boss... Just Part Of Your Team

Concrete franchise opportunity - Concrete Genius CFA memberWith your concrete franchise you’ll get a proven system that limits your risk, built from our hard learned lessons so you don't have to make as many as we did.

Your system comes with an online training portal with over 50 training videos, checklists, and templates to follow and use in your business to help you achieve the same success we did in our local markets. Pair that with the hottest new technology in the industry right now and you have an opportunity that truly comes along only once in a lifetime.

Plus, you'll get our already proven suppliers so you'll have high quality materials and our team to build you mix designs so you'll be consistently making high quality concrete in a fraction of the time.

BUT WE ARE NOT YOUR BOSS. This is a true entrepreneurial journey for you and your concrete business. We do not control your marketing, your pricing, your hours, or really the majority of what you do in your franchise. What we do control is your quality... because your concrete business depends on high quality in order to succeed.

So we are in no way your boss. We are just part of your team, there for you whenever you need help and providing guidance and support to help you succeed.

Your team will include our ownership group who are widely considered among the top industry experts, being flown all over the world including across Europe, Africa, and North America helping hundreds of concrete producers produce higher quality concrete more consistently.

These same experts are the brain power behind the creation of the Omni-Mixing Technology you get access to, which has capabilities unlike any other technology in the industry. In fact, it was developed by taking the best qualities from volumetric mixing and traditional drum mixing and removing almost all the flaws of each. You get the opportunity to have these same experts on your team helping your business grow and developing new opportunities for your business and technology. A team you’ll want to be on.

Like Franchise Owner Ward who raves...

Why did I become a Concrete Genius Franchisee?

EXCITEMENT... one simple word that describes the potential of this business.  When I tell people about what I am doing they are excited and I often am asked “How can I get this?”   The excitement is contagious to whoever I talk to.

What’s all the excitement about? Well it is depending on whom you talk to, the ability of this to fill in a niche and a need in the marketplace. The technology, how the process is easily repeatable, taking a lot of the “human error” out of the equation. The environmental impacts, how we can show that there is less waste, and get greater value out of our materials.  The Market... look around and see what is concrete, THE MARKET IS HUGE and we don’t need everything.

The people... Concrete Genius has supported me through the process, answered the questions and have listened to me and made me part of the team. This relationship is not just a one way street, it is a constant evolution, with my success at the top of the list.

Just writing this letter has got me excited again.

Ward Grant, Concrete Genius - Spruce Grove, Stony Plain

Your Best Opportunity To Succeed Because You're Not Just Getting The Hottest New Mixer In The Industry With Your Concrete Franchise... You're Also Getting:

  • CG Simplification System™ - A proven system that LIMITS YOUR RISK! Giving you the tools and confidence to hit the ground running in your own business because you'll know exactly how to operate your new technology and the little tricks we’ve proven to help grow businesses just like yours... A proven system to make your life easier.
  • Proven Mix Designs - So you don’t have to fumble and fail your way to eventually be able to consistently meet your customer’s project specifications… Saving you years of trial and error and thousands of dollars in QC tests/equipment and/or costly mistakes on site.
  • A Growing Brand - This means immediate access to a proven website, an industry respected and recognized logo on your truck, and everything else that goes with a recognizable brand... helping ease your transition into new markets... And as our brand and reputation continues to grow on a global scale so does your reputation in your market.
  • An Army Of Geniuses Developing For You - You get the MASSIVE benefit of access to new developments from an expert QC department, technical team, and business team as we constantly search and test new ways to better your business. We're already developing systems that will revolutionize this already ground breaking technology. And… you get the team of Geniuses facilitating market development and penetration into higher margin specialty applications that Omni-Mixing Technology is the best performer in. Allowing you access to a team that is already light-years ahead of the curve and the benefit of having them developing new technologies, markets, and methods for your business.
  • A Collaboration Of Geniuses - A community of like-minded business owners working together to help your business succeed. All Concrete Geniuses are encouraged to have a team-based mentality supporting each other in all aspects of their businesses… Like having an army of supporters in your industry helping you grow and succeed because as you succeed so do they.
  • Proven Supply Chain - You'll immediately gain access to our proven suppliers network that provides you with high quality materials, apparel, equipment, and other supplies... saving you months, maybe even years, of sourcing nightmares and headaches

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