Eco-Friendly Concrete For The Future

As you probably already know, concrete represents the largest consumed building product globally. With over 10 billion tons annually produced in almost every country in the world, the necessity of concrete is clear. Because of the enormous acceptance of concrete as the building product of choice, the demand is clear and the environmental impact is understandable. But we don't have to simply accept how it is now...

Because of the sheer amount of concrete produced each year, the total annual CO2 emissions by the concrete industry is at least 1.7 billion tons annually - a major impact on our world. Traditional mixing technologies are simply wasteful and in that lies a major opportunity to reduce a significant piece of our worlds carbon footprint.

Put simply, the concrete industry CAN and MUST change for the sake of the environment. OMNI-MIXING TECHNOLOGY™ used by CONCRETE GENIUS™ offers a MASSIVE difference by providing a dramatically more Eco-friendly choice:

Carbon Dioxide

Traditional Drum Style Concrete Mixing technology demands 370 million tons (370,000,000) of CO2 more than Omni-Mixing Technology because it creates no waste and requires 17% less cement powder.

So... Switching from Traditional Drum Style Concrete Mixing technology to the more Eco-friendly Omni-Mixing Technology represents the same environmental impact as reducing roughly 72.8 million cars annually! 

Statistics Canada reported there were 33,168,805 vehicles registered in Canada in 2015. So, switching to the more Eco-friendly Omni-Mixing Technology has the ability to provide the CO2 environmental impact equivalent of reducing over double the amount of vehicles currently registered in Canada annually.


The more Eco-friendly Omni-Mixing Technology requires only 2.5% of the water that is required by traditional drum-style mixers to complete the same job including washout.

We cannot live without water. But... Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Using the more Eco-friendly Omni-Mixing Technology saves water which helps to preserve our environment. It reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, which helps in reducing pollution and in conserving fuel resources.  Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water.


Traditional Drum Style Centralized Batching systems requires higher traffic concentrations, more logistics to and from the batch plant and the Project site. These higher traffic levels increase fuel consumption, roadway wear and tear, and increase traffic congestion on already over demanded roadways.

Omni-Mixing Technology reduces fuel consumption, reduces roadway wear and tear and decreases traffic congestion.

Our recent Waste Management® project comparison:

Omni-Mixing Techology™ Is The Guaranteed More Eco-friendly Technology
Cubic Meters of concrete required
Number of truck changes required
Number of round trips to a batch plant
Amount of hours for project completion
Wasted concrete
Number of trucks required to washout
Money saved

Traditional Drum Style Mixing Technology

Ready mix
  • Cubic Meters of concrete required222.5
  • Number of truck changes required37
  • Number of round trips to a batch plant37
  • Amount of hours for project completion~11 hours
  • Wasted concrete10-25%
  • Number of trucks required to washout37 (each requiring 50-100x the washout water)
  • Money saved$0

Omni-Mixing Technology is making a lasting environmental impact and, as you can see, your decision on whether or not you choose to support the more Eco-friendly technology has a major impact for the future of our planet.