This week, Concrete Genius™ was published by Flarrio in an article entitled, “Construction Tech Enhancing Jobsite Safety and Efficiency”.

Flarrio is the source for research and insights on emerging tech. Their peer-to-peer learning platform is powered by thought leaders from some of the world’s top universities and technology organizations like Harvard, SAP, Del, Samsung, Software AG, Dassault Systems, and TCS. Flarrio helps you learn directly from industry experts by bringing together leaders from established brands, distruptive startups, academic research institutions, venture capital and technology companies.

In their recent article on construction tech, Concrete Genius was quoted because of their new Omni-Mixing Technology™ which is drastically changing the efficiency in the concrete industry. It enormously improves efficiency because it is run through an iPad that controls mix designs, allowing for a mix to change instantly at the touch of a screen while pouring and allows for an ongoing digital batch record so you know exactly what was produced.

So whether you are doing a large project or a small project you can be confident that you’ll know what you’re getting and that it can be instantly adapted to meet your needs. maybe you want a bit more water, maybe you need to pour partially indoors and partially outdoors… all this can be done instantly at the touch of a screen because of our Omni-Mixing Technology.

And because this is such a new concept it was features as among the top new tech in the construction industry for improving jobsite efficiency…

We are proud to be changing the game in construction efficiency and love hearing from our customers how we are making their jobs easier… like when Dan Veenstra said:

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years now and it’s nice to see things improving for once when so many outfits are slacking off in their customer service, attitude and production. You have no idea how much easier it makes my job when a concrete provider steps up and takes so much off my plate. I actually enjoy pouring concrete when it goes that well” – Dan Veenstra, Wildan Concrete Ltd

Here’s a screenshot of the top of the new construction tech article about enhancing jobsite efficiency where we are featured:

construction tech enhancing jobsite efficiency