Shorter Concrete Projects Video


Longer Concrete Projects Video

Click play button on the first screen directly above for a 4 minute concrete projects video compilation of some recent concrete projects completed by Concrete Genius™ and our family of companies. The first video shows short clips of lots of different projects giving you bursts of videos in a shorter period of time (4 minutes). Great for seeing the many capabilities Concrete Genius has. Put together by Laura, from our Rock Solid Concrete location (Athabasca, Westlock, and Barrhead)

The second concrete projects video compilation shows longer clips allowing you to see more detail into different projects. This video is 21 minutes long.

We at Concrete Genius are raising the standards for concrete supply and removing the historical commodity attitudes attributed to concrete industry. We will always work with you to ensure our efforts are cooperatively complimenting your project. We are results orientated, where the results we strive to achieve are the successful completion of all aspects of your projects.

For every project we have supplied, every customer has saved significantly on the actual cost of concrete for each project.

Concrete Products we supply: