Specialty Concrete

In addition to producing all exposure classes of general concrete, Concrete Genius also provides a number of specialty concrete options such as:

  • Low and Ultra low Density fill 0.1 MPa to 12 MPa Ultra fill, insulating materials up to 80% air.
  • Poly-fibre reinforcing
  • Rapid Setting Products up to 20MPa in 90 minutes with 100 MPa ultimate strengths at 28 days
  • Chemical Resistant Concrete - Including type GU, MS, HS, HSb and HSe hydraulic cements
  • Shotcrete
  • Grouts
  • Low Alkali Cement with AAR mitigation
  • Low Shrinkage Co-efficient materials
  • High Early accelerating mix designs, designed to meet project specifications
  • Specialty mix designs and custom applications
  • Roller Compacted Concrete up to 450 tonnes/hour
  • Cement Stabilized Bases up to 600 tonnes/hour

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