Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a no-slump concrete compacted by vibratory forces. RCC has demonstrated life spans in Canada of 40+ years and is found worldwide in dams, heavy industry areas (logging, lay down areas, ports, container yards, etc.), airports, roads, and more.

Feedlot Compacted Concrete™ hard surfacing is a RCC designed for the feedlot industry. Our concrete experts custom design concrete to meet the unique applications of your feedlot using local materials that ensure high quality for your desired lifespan at an economical price.


  • Increases herd comfort and health:

Less total lameness and reduced crude morbidity*. No more mud. Increases speed in identifying and treating sick animals.

  • Cuts down hauling of materials

20% less manure to haul (less ash)*. No more hauling of clay to rebuild pens. No more deep clay mines to build your pens. Less ground seepage.

  • Increases nutrient value of manure

No clay in your fields. Less manure per pen. More valuable manure*.

  • Increases utilization rates of pens

Increased operational efficiencies due to almost no down time and maintenance

  • Predictable costs

And decreases risks associated with uncertainty such as loss of gains due to mud and/or dust, especially in spring/summer. Allowing you to build a business around consistent numbers.

*According to a recent Alberta Agriculture study


Preliminary results from a recent Alberta Agriculture Study shows an increase in profit by using Feedlot Compacted Concrete at 1.6 cents/lb of gain. This study did not include other beneficial factors discovered through the study. We must also add the fact it:

Cuts the need for constant pen rebuilds and maintenance... and with it the costs of moving clay and cleaning pens. Plus, it reduces the amount of manure hauled by 20% (less ash)*.

When these other factors from the study are calculated in... we see the profit / lb of gain spike up to 4.45 cents*! And this doesn't even account for muddy pens or increased densities.

*According to a recent Alberta Agriculture study

profit per pound of gain chart with RCC compared to Clay feedlot compacted concrete

Increases Pen Density... furthering your already increased cost of gain advantages and adding additional operational efficiencies (not included in calculations). Using the same above numbers, increasing density from 152 sq ft/hd to a conservative 80 sq ft/hd changes the return on investment to less than 3.7 years*! And because you have a consistent hard surface you can increase your density all year long.

*According to a recent Alberta Agriculture study


As mentioned, the recent Alberta Agriculture study was done in the Irrigation Belt during 3 dry years, showing almost no mud over the duration of the study. This cannot be ignored, as according to one customer the effect is so great it's taking him "30 less days of feed to ship" his cattle because of Feedlot Compacted Concrete compared to his clay pens. The graphs below describe the effects of 10, 20, and 30 muddy days per year:

Profit per pound of gain with RCC instead of clay pens mud effect

As you can see, it is realistic to see up to 13 cents more profit per pound of gain,* equating to payouts in as little as 1 year* depending on weather conditions. How fast can you see a payout with your conditions?

Feedlot Compacted Concrete, which was recently approved as a liner by NRCB, averages around $75,000-$90,000 per pen... Two of our recent customers gave testimonials stating they've profited an extra $31,500 in one turnover of cattle per pen compared to their clay pens... Will you see similar results in your feedlot?

*According to a recent Alberta Agriculture study

*All numbers based on a $1.25 fat price

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Perfect performance on all third party testing for 9 consecutive years. 100% performance on every project in every industry for every customer. These same experts custom design concrete for your unique feedlot to ensure high quality for the desired lifespan.

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