John Both - Strategy

John spent the first few years of his career in concrete as a foreman for a commercial and industrial foundation company. John then received his Engineering Technology diploma at SAIT and began an almost 20 year career in the oil and gas sector.

John developed leadership skills early and has almost always been in a leadership capacity. Throughout his energy sector career John specialized in controlling and measuring continuous processes. To do this it was necessary to understand the end product, the production methods and then either create or maintain the systems that ensured consistent product quality.

In 2010 he along with Steve and each of their wives founded Rock Solid Concrete Products Inc. in the Athabasca Region. The technology CONCRETE GENIUS™ utilizes is built off the technology pioneered in Rock Solid Concrete where John invested his time to become an industry expert in not only the production methods but an expert in concrete chemistry. The OMNI-MIXING TECHNOLOGY™ that Concrete Genius exclusively uses was pioneered over the course of the 6 years spent running Rock Solid Concrete Products and striving for a better way to mix concrete.

John with his leadership skills and deep knowledge of the product has increased the knowledge of concrete by instructing hundreds of concrete producers across the world.

John lives in the Athabasca region with his family which includes 6 children.

Steve Paterson - Technical Services

Steve spent much of his 26 year career in the logistic industry. Steve, after graduating from Agricultural Mechanics from Olds College Steve began driving many different configurations of truck and truck trailers. When Steve was not driving truck, he spent his time continuing utilizing the farming skills that began as a young boy. Steve developed: mechanical aptitudes for maintenance and repair, an understanding of time sensitive operations, knowledge of business finance and budgeting, and customer satisfaction responsibilities.

Over the last 6 years Steve has developed the operational roles in Rock Solid becoming an expert in the technology Concrete Genius now utilizes. Steve’s ability to interact with customers on a professional level and create relationships quickly has gained him respect from staff and customers alike.

Steve lives in the Athabasca Region with his family which includes 4 children.

Ian Grant - Market Development

Ian has a Bachelor of Management degree from the U of A and 6+ years of experience helping business owners make their business’s more profitable, more predictable and more fun to operate as well as sales and marketing experience with companies up to $200 million peak annual sales – personally working on and leading projects up to $120 million potential annual sales.

Ian has spent the majority of his career with a heavy focus on marketing and developing loyalty programs for business owners. He was incredibly fortunate to have a number of his clients businesses go on to double their profits for three years in a row and a few who even went on to win small business of the year which was voted on by their peers and competitors.

Ian has been paid to speak to live audiences with occasionally over 100 attendees across three different provinces on various marketing topics. He brings to Concrete Genius his relentless pursuit to learn and never stop improving.

He currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta and enjoys the outdoors where he gets to golf and live active (Health is Wealth!). His love for the outdoors is what makes him so passionate about the environment.

Head Office Contact:

Email:  Phone: 780-284-0257 (Ian)

Note: For concrete inquiries please talk to the location nearest you directly