More Than Just A Concrete Company

Two Distinct Sides: Technology and Operations

Concrete Genius is a technology company... not a tech company, but a company that uses technology to address industries needs.

And it is this technology innovation fuels the operational side of Concrete Genius. Our experts developed our exclusive Omni-Mixing Technology™ after listening to the needs of our customers and continue a relentless pursuit to open new markets for our customer by adding new specialty products to our long list of products we can do with our technology. Allowing our operators to offer their customers more high quality products from the same trusted source.

As an operational company, the Concrete Genius® team has built around the humble beginnings our our first location, Rock Solid Concrete in Athabasca, using the proven methods tested here and creating world leading expertise that can be leveraged by businesses.

Achieving an unmatched performance of 100% for 9 consecutive years on all compression cylinders, slump and air tests (over 1000 third party tests for each).

By licensing using this same technology and leveraging our technical support we are able to support you to produce high-quality concrete products in your local areas. And because all our mixers are mobile we are able to provide fresh concrete near or far.

So if you're outside our current areas, you can still reach out as our mobile technology allows us to travel for all sorts of projects (we've successfully completed projects as far as Alaska).

Above all, Concrete Genius has a family culture. We encourage all our locations to support each other on projects, as well as share knowledge and resources. By not having a selfish mentality it allows us all to grow and become better as a whole. This creates an advantage for each individual location, for the parent company and brand, and most importantly for the customer.


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