April Fools’

Trust. Trust is an integral part of your day and your life. Think about all the things in a given day you take for granted because of trust: that you’ll have heat
Concrete Genius Omni-Mixer

The Omni-Mixer

We need to be completely honest with you about something up front… Although we would like to take all the credit, and believe me we would like to take all the
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Re: 220m Cake Walk

This is an email from Concrete Contractor of 20 years, Dan Veenstra, after what he called a "220m Cake Walk": "Hi there, I was asked to do a testimonial on the
Fresh Concrete - Concrete Genius ™

Fresh Concrete – VIDEO: Uninterrupted On-Site Pour

Our OMNI-MIXING TECHNOLOGY™ blows away concrete contractors on this project for Waste Management® because it pours 222.5 m3 of fresh concrete in just 5 hours with almost no interruptions -