fall and winter concrete curing practices

Fall/Winter Curing Practices

To cure or not to cure... Fall time is the only time that we should ever ask the question “should we cure our concrete or not?” Curing is the process of ensuring
video of concrete projects concrete genius

Concrete Projects Video Compilation

  Click play button on the first screen directly above for a 4 minute concrete projects video compilation of some recent concrete projects completed by Concrete Genius™ and our family of
Concrete Automation System - Adjustable concrete

Get Exactly What You Order

On the Friday night before the Calgary Expo I decided to go out for a nice steak dinner to treat myself before the busy weekend. I walked into this VERY fancy
construction tech enhancing jobsite safety and efficiency

Flarrio: Construction Tech Enhancing Jobsite Efficiency

This week, Concrete Genius™ was published by Flarrio in an article entitled, "Construction Tech Enhancing Jobsite Safety and Efficiency". Flarrio is the source for research and insights on emerging tech. Their
Concrete Sealants and Concrete Hardeners

Concrete sealants and hardeners FAQs

This video features one of our Co-founders, John, as he answers questions such as how often should I reseal my concrete with a concrete sealant. He also answers questions about
Concrete Genius®

Curing Concrete FAQ and Answers

Curing concrete is critical to concrete’s long-term durability. Without proper curing, concrete will only reach a fraction of its potential design strength. Here's why: Cement, the active ingredient in concrete requires constant
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FAQs – Concrete Mixing Time

How Long Should Concrete Be Mixed For? The below video answers frequently asked questions about concrete mixing time such as, how long should concrete be mixed for? As well as what
Concrete Genius - Mortar Lift off, Scaling, Popouts

Differences Between Popouts, Mortar Lift Off, and Scaling

Concrete Surface Failure Differences In our day-to-day business working as concrete producers ourselves, and working with other producers and concrete contractors  one thing we often see is concrete surface failures being
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When Should You Saw Cut Concrete?

This short video answers the frequently asked question, "When Should You Saw Cut Concrete?" The following short video is from a live seminar called "Fundamentals of Concrete" put on for Concrete