Trust is an integral part of your day and your life.

Think about all the things in a given day you take for granted because of trust: that you’ll have heat in your house, running water when you wake up in the morning… even the most simple things such as other drivers staying in their lanes on your drive to work or that the person serving you your coffee hasn’t tampered with it in some way.

Now imagine that you didn’t have trust in those things or any things for that matter… imagine the stress and panic you’d live with every day. Every person you’d walk past you’d be paranoid was trying to hurt you, you wouldn’t sleep because you weren’t sure if the house was going to stay warm, etc.

Well for one morning every year we almost live like this… thankfully I made it through my April Fools’ Day fairly unscathed this weekend and I hope you did too.

You can’t trust anyone or anything on April Fools’ Day.

You have to be cautious about everything you hear and do on that morning. Everything you see on the Internet, hear from friends or coworkers, and you have to double-check everything you’re using that morning just in case someone has it out for you.

Can you imagine living like that every day!?

Although we often take it for granted… trust is something that must be earned. It’s about honesty and transparency and if someone or something breaks our trust, often it can be very hard to win back.

If you happen to have been in a car accident you know what I mean – it’s very uncomfortable driving for a while after… your trust and confidence is gone.

Or if you’ve ever gone on vacation to find your furnace quit and your house froze up… you know what I mean. You’ll want an app on your phone after to check the temperature in your house from anywhere in the world because you just can’t trust your furnace is doing it’s job anymore.

How about with your concrete… do you trust that what you’re getting is high quality concrete? Or do some, maybe even most day’s feel like a version of April Fools’?

You are often faced with some pretty tough odds on a given work day… being forced to reject loads, working with expiring concrete, dealing with dough balls, inconsistent slump, having the hopper run dry because of pre-cast, and the list goes on and on…

OMNI-MIXING TECHNOLOGY™ helps to bring a level of trust back into your day.

Listen to what a concrete contractor of over 20 years had to say:

“When I’m pouring with CONCRETE GENIUS™ I worry about one thing, my job and that’s it. Today I put my phone in my lunch kit and just focused on the pouring going on inside the building. No texting the batch plant or waiting on hold while a crew and pump operator look at me waiting to get moving again, no measuring up, no stressing about where the next load is, no hot spots or noticing how many trucks are stacking up on site. No cold joints or dropping my placing guys to help finish wild setting old concrete. No plugging every 10 mins or having the hopper run dry because of all the lumps and precast on the grate. Just pour as fast as I can go.

I couldn’t be happier, playing in the mud with half the stress I usually have.”

– Dan Veenstra, Wildman Concrete Ltd.

And with an unmatched performance of 100% for 7 consecutive years success rate on compression cylinders, slump and air tests… consecutive third party testing with over 1000 cylinders, over 500 slump and air tests and every single one within design specifications… plus, add to that 1000’s of other in-house tests from our own lab and QC program…

You can TRUST that what you’re getting is fresh, high quality concrete.

Even if you work with us on April 1st. 😉

 Concrete Genius Omni-Mixing Technology