On the Friday night before the Calgary Expo I decided to go out for a nice steak dinner to treat myself before the busy weekend.

I walked into this VERY fancy restaurant, immediately feeling under-dressed in my green Carhartt® Concrete Genius® t-shirt and blue jeans.

But I didn’t let that stop me as I ordered an 8oz Filet Mignon cooked to medium rare with whipped mashed potatoes as my side: A usual favourite of mine.

I was salivating waiting for my food to arrive.

And I had just set up our booth after a days work… so I was HUNGRY!

But when my food got set down in front of me my heart sank a little.


Because all I got was my 8oz steak with a tiny whipped scoop of mashed potatoes.

Not only was it a tiny pile of potatoes but NO VEGGIES either!

And it was $60!!!

I felt a little ripped off.

It happened to be maybe the best steak I’ve ever had in my life but it still left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended).

Not getting what you think you’re ordering usually leaves a bit of a stain. At least in my experience.

And I got thinking, that’s one of the biggest reasons Omni-Mixing Technology™ has got such great reviews. Because of our automation system we see exactly what the water to cement ratio is and can adjust the product instantly to meet the customers needs more effectively.

Which is especially important for more expensive products like concrete… or Filet Mignon. haha

It would have been the equivalent of the waiter noticing my expression drop and instantly touching his iPad and having perfectly cooked asparagus and bell pepper appear on my plate.

Can you imagine how that would have changed my dinner?

Omni-Mixing Technology can do that…. Well maybe not make veggies appear out of thin air…

But you can change it instantly to better meet your preferences as our customer.

And this is a huge advantage for you. Because we know that each finisher and GC we work with likes the concrete a bit different we can make sure you have concrete that meets both the specifications of the project as well as your preferences.

No waiting for the concrete to dry out or retempering with water. Just change on the fly as we go with always fresh, adjustable concrete.

With instantly adjustable concrete you get exactly what you order.

Every. Single. Time.



P.S. Not only do you get adjustable concrete… You also only pay for exactly what you use. If you order 12 meters and only use 10.7 you’ll only pay for 10.7. Concrete Genius guarantees this because we have no waste with our technology and our iPad shows us exactly what we produce for each project. And when you tell us to stop we hit the stop button on our iPad and we stop producing concrete.

P.P.S. Can you imagine if you didn’t finish your Filet Mignon and the restaurant only charged you for what you ate? That would be pretty incredible wouldn’t it?



I would have loved that because I couldn’t finish this delicious apple crumble dessert…

Get exactly what you ordered - adjustable concrete