With Two Distinct Sides to our aboriginal business: Technology and Operations


Aboriginal concrete companyConcrete Genius Inc. is an aboriginal concrete company and proud member of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

Our aboriginal concrete company has two sides: we are both an operational company and a technology company.

As an operational company, the Concrete Genius™ team has built around the success of Rock Solid Concrete, using their proven methods and creating a simple and repeatable system that could be duplicated by multiple businesses.

The system our operational companies follow is tried, tested, and proven. Achieving an unmatched performance of 100% for 9 consecutive years success rate on all compression cylinders, slump and air tests.

Because our technology is mobile we are able to do projects near or far from our locations. Plus, we continue to grow into new areas to offer our high quality products to more areas.

The fuel for the operational side is the technology side of Concrete Genius. Our experts developed our exclusive Omni-Mixing Technology™ and continue a relentless pursuit to open new markets for our operators by adding specialty products to our long list of products we can do with our technology. Allowing our operators to offer their customers more higher quality products from the same trusted source.

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